BG Supercharge II

Gasoline residues build up on intake manifolds, valves and in ports of today’s engines. Deposit formation restricts fuel and air flow upsetting the delicate fuel/air ratio that is vital to engine efficiency. This causes serious drivability issues like rough idle, power loss, reduced gas mileage, and increased emissions.

Installed at every fill up, BG Supercharge II keeps the fuel system clean and free of fuel deposits. With special stabilizers that prevent fuel oxidation, and gum and varnish formation, it prevents rust and corrosion and provides long-term fuel storage stability.

Autobob notes: Keep this product in the tank of any vehicle that does not get much use. It will stabilize the fuel and help keep it from turning to varnish. Also good for lawn mowers, boats and any gasoline operated equipement.

BG 202 Supercharge is the same product as BG 213 Ethanol Corrosion Preventer.