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Air and Asphalt Does Blog on Autobahn Power

Air & Asphalt's photo group of choice Brigade Visual liked our Alfa Romeo Berlina.

Alfa Romeo Service Autobahn Wichita KS

We are a Fabspeed Porsche Performance Dealer / Installer

Porsche Boxster Spyder 3.4L, we installed Fabspeed Sport headers, Maxflow exhaust, V-Flow intake and Evoms ECU tuning. We also installed a muffler bypass dump system that is remote controlled by the driver. What fun!

Fabspeed Dealer Wichita Kansas Autobahn Porsche

Autobahn Power has been a Wilwood Brake Dealer since 1990.
Wilwood Brakes Wichita Kansas Autobahn
ST and 'Lil Blacki'

Our car girl ST handles most special orders and helps keep the showroom and shop in focus. She is a graduate of Skip Barber's driving school and here is posing with one of her Alfa Romeo's amongst a couple of Ferrari service cars.

ST Alfa Romeo Service Wichita Kansas

Injected Ford 351 Oil Spreader F100 Edlebrock

New Ford 351 crate stroker engine, client brought this PU truck to us to sort out and tune the Edlebrock fuel injection system which was easy compared to fixing all the oil leaks. The cam plug, rear main, custom oil pan all were leaking. The installer did not lubricate the nose of the torque converter so the transmission was frozen to engine, very difficult to free. Truck tuned up nice and is also dry now.

F100  351 Edelbrock Tune

Van Downing Car Art Photography

Van can make his photos look like paintings, pretty cool stuff. This is our 69' Alfa Duetto inspecting Mort's vintage Police car.

Alfa Spider Morts Van Downing Car Art Photography

Catching Air with a Tuned Jeep / Chevy LT1 V8

Gary's 81' Jeep has a 1995 LT1 Camaro engine with 4 speed manual trany. He tows the Jeep to Colorado and has had issues with severe loss of power, we OBD diagnosed his issues and computer performance tuned the LT1 engine ECU for low end torque with altitude compensation. He reported back it runs great both in Colorado and Little Sahara.

Jeep LT1 Camaro Tuning

Corvette C5 Driver Reduced Power Mode

Larry purchased his C5 in cold weather and all was great till spring he then suffered for a couple years with a car that in warmer weather would go into a severe reduced power mode. He brought the Corvette to us after several attempts elswhere to find the gremlin. We found APP correlation and ran new wiring from his accelerator pedal to the drive by wire module. One year later he is still happy with no issues.

Corvette C5 Diagnostics Power Tuning

ECU Computer GM Truck Tuning

We have been performance ECU tuning several Silverado, Suburban and Escalade trucks. Quite amazing improvements in power, economy and engine durability over factory tuning on both Vortec and LS engine trucks. 4.8 5.3 6.0 and 6.2 liter some we tune for 87 octane but the GM products respond best on 91 octane gas. The 6.0 / 6.2 GMC, Chevy and Cadillac trucks give quite a power / MPG increase with our tuning.

GMC Chevy Cadillac Truck Tuning

Viper RT / V10 Service

Tom's beautiful Viper was in for some refresh servicing.

1934 Pontiac with 502 Big Block Chevy ECU Tune

This beautiful 34' Pontiac 502 big block Chevy engine had been tuned by two local companies and was still running 30% rich, it would fowl the spark plugs in under 30 miles. Hot Rods are a compromise due to layouts and require careful diagnostics with proper tuning. Our GM ECU tuning results are better response / power / mileage with less cylinder wear.

Supercharged 6.2L Roush Raptor Tuning with Water Meth

Klaus really likes his Raptor truck after we computer tuned the engine and transmission plus added a water methanol injector system.

Dangerous Lean GM Truck with only bolt ons - Now Safely Tuned

David's stock 5.3L GMC Sierra had a K&N intake and Flowmaster muffler on it, these simple bolt-ons were causing the truck to run 15% lean with an 83% duty cycle on the injectors. We OBD2 performance computer tuned his engine and transmission computer for best power, drivability and efficiency. We tuned for 91 octane with good power gains, safety margins and lowered fuel injector duty cycles.

Playing the Corvette Tune in the Spring Time

Corvette owners love spring and summer. Our ZR1 is tuned for fun, power, handing, braking and durability.

Wet Sanding Porsche 911

Harrison is color sanding this Porsche 911's paint. The paint had substantial shrinkage and oxidation. After color sanding the problem areas Harrison buffed it out to a nice smooth finish which had high amounts of luster.

Ralley 350 Cutlass

Our 1970 Ralley 350 Cutlass won Best of Class 65'-72' at the McPherson College Auto Restoration car show. This is a nice facility for young auto enthusiasts with sponsorships from Jay Leno. This sure was a nice collection of vehicles and craftsmen.


Jaguar XKE V12 6 Weber Carbs Re-Tuned

This XKE sat for a long time and was in need to of serious help. We rebuilt all 6 Weber carburetors, cleaned all the fluid systems, serviced pump housings, plugs ect. After the rebuild we synchronized the carburetors, reset mixtures and set the timing. This car sounds pretty mean with all 12 cylinders under throttle.

Another Cooper Down

Another Mini Cooper arrived with blown spark plug threads. You can see the aluminum gummed up inside the threads. We were able to effectively repair this problem with a TimeSert threaded insert. This is the 3rd engine we've seen with this issue in the last year.

Lotus 7 Transmission Rebuild

Here you see John's main shaft for his Lotus 7 rebuilt and ready to assemble.

Ferrari F348 Service

Paul brought in his new F348 for service. It resides next to his yellow C5 Corvette. What a lucky guy!

Rebuilt Corvette C5 Troubles

We are seeing Corvette C5s purchased in Oklahoma and Texas with major mechanical and safety issues. This cracked rear spring is from Boone's C5, this car was a GM Service Approved rebuilt car.

Computer Tuning The Sarge's Corvette C6

We tuned Tony Schumacher's Super Charged C6 Corvette Dave L brought us. We were able to gain 100hp over the previous dyno tune with less knock and misfire counts. We also have his traction control working again.

Porsche 928S Euro CIS Injection Service

Rodney's Porsche with CIS injection came in for some much needed TLC. Very nice car that now runs smoother, starts well, is more responsive and has fast idle again!

Dennis Cage from My Classic Car

Dennis is talking with Jerry about his Autobahn Prepared 1974 Capri. This is a highly modified, nationally driven and shown Capri. The Capri has been a My Classic Car show feature.

Tuning a Corvette C6 Z06 for road racing

We performance computer tuned Michael's Corvette which really livened up the car. We adjusted the sway bars, ride height and valving on his coilover suspension for Hallett. Here you see the Z06 at Blacktop Nationals autocross.

Porsche 911 Family

John's 1970 911 Targa was in the shop for multiple electrical issues that we were able to resolve. The 2011 911 was in for service after a fun trip to Hallett raceway in Oklahoma. I wonder how soon these cars will cross in value. Even though they are 41 years apart, the Porsche family tree is so evident.

Tuning another LS7 Z06

Robert brought his ZO6 to us after a KC dyno shop blew up his old engine. Someone sold him some huge injectors made by FAST. We removed those injectors and went with 52lb LS9 ZR1 6 hole injectors which have better fuel control and atomization.

Modifying a 1994 Mustang Cobra

This low mileage Cobra 5.0L got a set of period correct Fikse Profil 3 piece wheels, Vredensdein 315/35/17 rubber, American thunder Flowmaster / BBK Exhaust, K&N intake, Eibach coil overs and a full service. This Cobra is running well and is so much fun.

Classic Cadillac Brougham / BroHam

We've spent time on Brad's low mileage 1988 Cadillac Brougham to make it a more responsive, safer, and all around better driver. We changed all the fluids to Redline Synthetic, added Hella lighting plus transmission and engine tuning. What a cool vintage ride!

ECU Tuning Supercharged ZR1 C6 Corvette

Chris says the ZR1 is now really bada$$ and that he is very impressed with our custom OBD computer tuning of the Vette. Big power gains, complimented by less knock, fewer misfires and safer injector duty cycle than stock. These Corvette chassis handle 700hp really well.

Hot Rod power tour in a Capri

Jerry and Sandy drove over 3,000 miles with the Hot Rod Power Tour in their Autobahn prepared 1974 Capri.

Wisconsin winters are harsh!

This Cadillac faced the might of Wisconsin winters. The top strut nut had to be cut completely off due to the amount of corrosion.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia stops by to say hello

This is one clean Ferrari. It has carbon fiber intake boxes and manifold caps. This brings this wicked car up to 508hp

Welcome to Kansas

 F4 tornado in Kinsley, Ks. photographed by Cody Taylor. Cody is a storm chaser and uses a Jeep that we have prepared for him to reliably and safely get him to where he needs to go and back. Good thing this tornado was out in the country and no one was hurt!

The Lotus 7 has risen

This Lotus 7 has been asleep for 12 long years. With our knowledge and service expertise we are bring it back into tip top running condition. Not to mention the car looks so happy!

BMW Cracking Aluminum Bolts

BMW has started using aluminum bolts in various applications but especially in the valve covers. These bolts experience a heat cycle every time the engine is ran and this can take a toll on them. Even with a factory torque spec on them they still crack which allows engine oil to leak causing a mess and can sometimes even leak onto the exhaust manifold causing a nasty oil burning aroma. In this picture you can see the crack that propagates around the head of the bolt. 

More GM Truck Computer Tuning!
Last month we had the privilege of tuning two Cadillac trucks. Both the owners, David and Don, are ecstatic with the results. We have had a lot of experience with tuning GM SUVs and pickups smoothing out the power delivery and running characteristics, giving more power, response and better fuel economy while still being emissions legal with safer fuel trims than factory. 
Carbon Fiber Wheels

These photos are of a true carbon fiber wheel. These one off wheels were made for WSU Engineering's SAE formula racing team by KU's formula team in exchange for wind tunnel time. Terry from Alloy Wheel Repair and I used Tracy's Tires latest equipment to change the first wheel. We then found my older equipment was actually a better combination. Time consuming, fragile and delicate. But only 3.5lbs per wheel!

Poor Mini Cooper

This Mini Cooper was purchased at auction not running, with problems unknown. The project was going well until we came to replacing ignition. Loose #3 plug has hard, baked on exhaust gasses. #3 boot is torn and distorted from the previous plug blow out, #2 boot has more old exhaust patina. This spark plug had been leaking for some time but still allowed car to run well until plugs were disturbed and the threads just won’t hold enough tension so the plug pops out. A Very disappointing find with this project. Research shows this is not an uncommon R50 and R53 Mini Cooper problem.

BMW E46 Starter Replacement

If you were to remove the starter from top you would have to remove the intake manifold. We like to do them from underneath, a little quicker job and it saves us from bothering old intake sealing areas. Still lots of removal and little working room.

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