Corbeau Seat Sliders, Baja Adaptors and Aluminum Side Mounts (starting at $49.00 each) For use with Corbeau Products Only

Corbeau offers Seat Sliders, Baja Adaptors and Aluminum Side Mounts (Designed for use with Corbeau products only.)

Corbeau Seat Sliders:
Corbeau Seat Sliders will work with the Corbeau Universal Brackets (which can only be mounted on a flat floor pan).
Corbeau Seat Sliders are double locking.

If you also need a Universal Mount Bracket to go with your Slider- Order Here.

Corbeau Baja Adaptors:
Some Corbeau suspension seats come with four vertical tabs on the bottom , which are designed to allow the seat to be bolted directly to a roll cage. These seats are: the Baja SS, Baja Ultra, Baja Ultra Wide and the Baja XP.  The Baja Adaptor is required if you plan to mount these seats to a Corbeau custom mount bracket or flat mounting surface.

Corbeau Baja Bench Bracket:
The 36” and 42" Baja Bench Seats come standard with vertical tabs on the bottom for mounting to a roll cage. If you plan on mounting to a flat surface you will need to order the 36/42" Baja Bench Bracket. 
The 40" Baja Bench Bracket will allow the 40" Baja Bench Seat to fit in other applications, as long as the floor is flat and there is sufficient space

Corbeau Aluminum Side Mounts:
Provide stationary placement and are available for all Corbeau FX1 Seats.