Larry 8 LED Pocket Work Light

Meet the "Larry"-the amazingly bright pocket work light.  Larry has 8 powerful LED's providing 60 Lumens of bright white light.  The LED Bulbs have a 110,000 plus hour life, and a viewing distance of 46 meters. Larry operates on 3 AAA batteries -included. The recessed LED's are covered by a strong plastic lens which helps protect against drops.  The recessed housing also directs the light into a strong concentrated beam of light.  You can't be a handyman if your hands aren't...well, handy.  Larry's rotating magnetic clip will clip to virtually anything or use the strong magnet to attach to most metal surfaces.  The clip rotates 180 degrees to direct the light wherever you need it, giving you convenient hands-free lighting. The sides of Larry are ribbed to ensure a strong grip and protect against accidental drops. The reinforced plastic body design is shock-proof and water resistant, making Larry virtually indestructable.  The Larry perfect for any job, it's the essential handyman tool!  Larry measures about 6.5" long and about .5" wide from the front.