Recaro Pro Racer HANS XL SPG
Recaro Pro Racer HANS XL Spa


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Recaro racing SPG XL Pro Racer seat Autobahn Power

The Recaro Pro Racer HANS XL

The ultimate professional Recaro racing seat for the larger driver. The Recaro Pro Racer HANS XL was developed for professional racing and offers extremely high lateral support with high friction lining in the shoulder and seat area. The padded head protector offers additional safety protection as well as side support for the head. The pronounced ergonomic backrest shape has been designed together with Recaro engineers and professional drivers with shock absorbing foam for increased safety, optimized shell geometry and full ergonomic support in the lumbar zone, plus well defined seat contours. The belt guides accept 4, 5, and 6-point harnesses with special belt slots.The shell is made of GRP: Fiberglass reinforced plastic, with optimum interplay between HANS system, harness, helmet and racing shell, in order for the HANS system to achieve its full potential.

The Pro Racer Hans XL is the "big brother" to the standard size Pro Racer HANS and is 35mm wider. Link to standard Pro Racer HANS.

RECARO RACING SHELL INSTALLATION NOTICE: You will also need to purchase Recaro Side Mounts, and possibly Recaro Slider Track Kits and Custom Mount Brackets to install Recaro Racing Shells into your vehicle.

The Recaro Side Mounts are required as they bolt to the Recaro Racing Shell and allow it to be bolted down to the floorboard or Recaro Slider Track Kits and Custom Mount Brackets. Racers wanting a fixed seat position may use just the side mounts to allow for the lowest seating position.

The Recaro Slider Track Kits allow your Recaro Racing Shell to slide fore and aft and lock into position.

The Custom Mount Brackets bolt to Recaro Slider Track Kits and allow the seat to bolt into the factory floor holes. Custom Mount Brackets are available for many factory production cars but are not available for non factory "custom built" vehicles.  For these "custom" applications consult your local metal fabrication shop.

Link for: Recaro Slider Track Kits, Racing Shell Sidemounts and Harness Pads.

NOTE: Lead time on Pro Racer HANS XL is 12-16 weeks. These custom orders are non cancelable and non refundable and non returnable. This makes it very important for purchaser to compare the measurements below to the current seat & space in the vehicle to be sure seat will physically fit.

NOTE: To Convert Millimeters to Inches:  Divide Millimeters by 25.4

Seat Weight Pro Racer Hans XL: 24.3 lbs.