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If you need comfort but desire true sport performance the Recaro Sport is the answer. The Recaro Sport combines the look and features needed for performance driving, with the comfort of luxury automotive seats. The integrated headrest, belt pass-throughs and aggressive bolstering take their styling and performance cues from racing seats. The adjustable lumbar support, bearing mounted seat cushion, generous foam cushioning and host of premium features are all luxury. Sacrifice nothing with the Recaro Sport.
NOTE: The Sport "Topline " is an upgrade from the basic Sport. The Sport Topline has the Recaro climate package which includes an integrated heating system in the seat cushion and seat back that relaxes the muscular system on cold days, providing pleasant sitting conditions. The Recaro vent system provides pleasantly dry sitting conditions even in hot weather. The "Sport Topline" also features the combined electrical seat height/tilt adjustment.  Link to Sport Topline. 

Premium Seating Features: Recaro Sport

Recaro Design: The Sport seat is modeled after the design aesthetics of world-class racing seats, but it’s all street legal. The integrated headrest with belt pass-throughs, aggressively bolstered shoulder, back and thigh areas and sleek cover designs make Sport the ultimate in a “street legal” performance seat. 

RECARO Ergonomics:  Each Recaro seat is designed to support the natural S curve of the spine.  The human body isn’t designed for long periods of sitting.  Recaro seats are designed to align the spinal cord in its most natural and healthy position.  Your back muscles will actually become more relaxed the longer you sit in the seat.

Manually Adjustable Lumbar Support: The air chamber inflates and deflates to your desired level of lumbar support.  Adjust the lumbar to ergonomically support your lower back and meet your comfort needs. 

Bearing Mounted Seat Cushion:  Built-in shock absorbing system ads unbelievable comfort.

Shoulder, Back and Thigh Bolsters:   Driving in a Recaro seat isn’t all about correct sitting, it’s about performance too. The pronounced shoulder, back and thigh bolsters will keep you firmly in place under the most aggressive driving situations. 

Adjustable Backrest: Easy manual dial mechanism moves the backrest into the correct and comfortable driving position.

Integrated Head Rest: Integrated headrest is designed with belt pass-throughs for 4 point belt harnesses for a sport appearance.

Dual Manual Seat Back Release: Moves the backrest forward for easy access to the rear seat compartment.

High Quality Foam Padding: The entire seat is lined with thick, dense high quality foam, adding to seats sport feel and ensuring long lasting support. 

Upholstery: Recaro chooses the best materials for its covers and then sews them with precision, assuring the seat will look great for years.

NOTE: The terms: Artista, Avus and Nardo means Cloth Upholstery.

NOTE: Most Recaro seats are custom made per order and can take 4 to 6 weeks (sometimes longer) to complete. These custom orders are non cancelable and non refundable and non returnable. This makes it very important for purchaser to compare the measurements below to the current seat & space in the vehicle to be sure seat will physically fit.

RECARO SEAT INSTALLATION NOTICE: You most likely will also need to purchase Sliders and Custom Mount Brackets to install Recaro seats into your vehicle.

The Sliders bolt to the bottom of the Recaro seat and allow it to slide fore and aft and to lock into position. Recaro Sliders are double locking for added safety and security.

The Custom Mount Brackets bolt to the Sliders allowing the seat to bolt into the factory bolt holes in the vehicles floorboard.
If your prefer to build your own mounting brackets for the Recaro seats, sliders are available separately.

Link for: Recaro Slider Track Kits, Racing Shell Sidemounts and Harness Pads.

Here's some basic measurements, scroll down to see full measurements below.

Backrest Height: 830 mm (32.7 inches)
Shoulder Width: 527 mm (20.7 inches)
Seat cushion Width: 535 mm (21.1 inches)
Maximum Seat Cushion Depth: 540 mm (21.3 inches)
Gross Weight:  Sport: 37.5 lbs., Sport Topline: 45.2 lbs.

NOTE: To Convert Millimeters to Inches:  Divide Millimeters by 25.4

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