1969 Alfa Romeo 1600 Duetto Spider Jr
Alfa Romeo 1600 Duetto Jr For Sale


1969 Alfa Romeo 1600 Duetto Spider Veloce Junior, locally owned for over 20 years. 1600cc all aluminum twin cam with Veloce camshafts and twin Weber 40DCOE carburetors, 5 speed transmission and 4 wheel disc brakes. The 1600cc engine with polished intake and cam cover starts easy hot or cold, has good oil pressure and does not smoke. This Pininfarina designed Duetto has been professionally restored and has had a recent major service including; paint, valve adjustment, new brake booster, hoses and coolant plus differential, gearbox, engine and steering box fluids, ect. The gearbox has good syncros and a nice smooth feel. This is a rare Junior model identified by the fixed glass vent panes and was never imported into the US. The speedometer has been changed from Kilos to MPH. In 1969 Alfa moved the fuse box to the interior from the engine compartment and went to 14" wheels with the ATE Teves brake system, two nice improvements over previous years. The rockers, floors and body are in rust free condition. We have serviced Alfa Romeo cars at this same location for over 40 years. This Duetto, privately owned and located in Wichita, Kansas, is very tight and solid, it does not feel loose, jingle, clunk or shake like some do. The transmission will leak a few drops overnight after a hot run but overall quite dry for a 60's Italian. The engine is torquey with good response, steering is tight and secure and handling is brilliant Alfa. This Alfa is not a garage queen but was built to drive. The owner has made several long day trips with the car and it has proven to be very reliable. Please check out the detailed videos and photos, the paint and body is in very good condition with very little road rash and the paint is show winning. The headlamps are European with Carello head lamp covers and Cibie H4 lamps. The black soft top is 36oz pin point vinyl and the top linkage is all present in good working order. The only item the car needs is a set of new rubber floor matting which are available. The Round Tail Alfa Spiders were very high tech in the 1960s with all alloy twin cam engine carrying 7 quarts of oil, 5 speed aluminum case trany, heat sinked alloy diff pan and 4 wheel disc brakes. Even on brick roads this car is quiet and rides nicer than a Miata, Mini or S2000. Several aftermarket companies specialize in replacement parts for Alfa Romeo and there is a great online community. Make us an offer on this classic Alfa Spider and drive it home or we can help with transportation. Scroll down for videos.

Duetto Spider top Left 03547 650

Alfa Spider Carello 650 Alfa Spider LF 3563 650

Alfa Spider LR Tail 650

1969 Spider Duetto Kansas 03558 650

Round Tail Nose 03538 650

Boat Tail Nose 3536 650

Duetto Wiper 650

Alfa Spider 1600 trunk 3455 650

1600cc engine Alfa 03447 650

Alfa Romeo Eng CU 3442 650

69 Alfa IB 13 low rear 650 69 Alfa IB 21 low nose 650

Alfa Duetto Trunk Lid 3397

Alfa Speedo 03449 650

1600 r trunk 03456 650

Alfa Badge 03444 650

Duetto Alfa  RH Rocker 650

Duetto 69 Alfa LH Rocker 650

Alfa 1600 Spider Paint 2 650

Alfa 1600 Spider Right Side 650

Alfa 1600 Spider Rear Paint 650

69 Alfa IB 25 low rear 650

69 Alfa IB 23 Low Center 650

69 Alfa IB 18 low mid 650

69 Alfa IB 17 low fron 650t

69 Alfa IB 27 low rear 650