1969 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce
69 Alfa Romeo Spide #2 10

Alfa Romeo Spider 1750 Veloce 1969   aka: Duetto        

1750cc all aluminum twin cam hemi head with twin Weber 40DCOE carbs, 5 speed transmission, 4 wheel disc brakes, Shankle tube headers, custom Borla exhaust system and Sikkens polyurethane paint polished to a deep luster. Ignition is Marelli with Jacobs coil, ignition computer and wires. The brake boosters have been replaced, brake pads are thick and the brake hoses are braided stainless steel. The interior has German Recaro seats in black cloth, a black leather Italian Personal steering wheel and shift knob. The soft top is Robbins in 36oz pinpoint black vinyl with a factory soft top boot. The soft top linkage is tight, in good condition and easily clears the padded bolt in Auto Power roll bar. The 5-speed aluminum cased transmission has the butter smooth feel of a fresh Alfa gearbox. Driveshaft, differential and wheel bearings are tight with no play or vibration. All stainless steel bright work has been polished and is in excellent shape, the windshield and paint are excellent with little too no road rash. Behind the aerodynamic Carello head lamp covers are Hella H4 headlamps which have been frenched into the fenders as on European Alfas. The wheels are custom HRE Daytona 3 piece modular, made specifically for this Alfa. 15x6 front and 15x6.5 rear with Yokohoma S Drive 205/55/15 tires. When the body was refinished the interior rockers were hand fabricated and are much stronger than factory adding to this Alfa’s structural rigidity. The body has been rust proofed with Bilstein R2000 a non invasive rustproof that requires no hole drilling and will not deteriorate any plastics or rubbers it contacts. The suspension bushings, tie rod ends and ball joints are all tight. The shock absorbers are Bilstein and larger Shankle sway bars are used both front and rear. This Alfa Spider Veloce has been meticulously maintained. Redline synthetic oil is used in the engine, transmission, differential and steering box. Alfa Spider Veloce fondly called Boat Tail, Round Tail or Duetto does not appear nor feel almost 40 years old; it is comfortable to drive in the city or on the highway. Ride quality is much better than a Miata, Mini or S2000. This Alfa is an example of 1960s high technology with subtle improvements that will please both the enthusiast and the purist. Steering, braking, shifting, smoothness of driveline are all perfect. We have serviced this Alfa for over 20 years; the car is a very high quality older restoration that is stunning in its presentation and driving quality. Even on rough brick roads the car is tight with no rattles or jingles. Engine operating temperatures and pressures are normal; the responsive engine does not leak or smoke. Properly maintained Alfas Romeos are very reliable vehicles, they are simple and very logically designed. Several aftermarket companies in the USA specialize in replacement parts for Alfa Romeo. This 1750cc Spider attracts lots of positive comments and is a joy to drive, with the original seats my back was good for about 20min, with the Recaro seats travel time is not an issue. Styled by Pininfarina this Round Tail is sure to appreciate as you enjoy.



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