Forgeline EV1R

EV1R Monoblock - Silver



 EV1R Victory Red



 EV1R Satin Black



 EV1R Titanium Black



 EV1R 18x13 Gunmetal



EV1R 18x13 Satin Black



EV1R 18x10 machined to match 18x13 



 EV1R Silver



EV1R 18x11 Viper Front 


 EV1R 18x13 Viper Rear

The EV1R is a fully forged one piece monoblock wheel.  Forged from 6061 T6 aerospace aluminum and then precision machined to exact specifications.

Features include:

  • Extreme Strength
  • Extreme Stiffness
  • Extreme Brake Caliper Clearance
  • Large un-obstructed lugnut area for easy access to lugnuts and faster pit stops
  • Works will all TPMS sensors
  • Available powdercoated or Race Polished (Ball Polished)

Available in 18x9.0, 18x10.0, 18x10.5, 18x11, 18x11.5 and 18x13.

Note - All sizes are face style wheels expect for 18x13, which has a 1.5" lip.  Front wheels combined with an 18x13 can be finished to match 18x13 - see pictures.

For a price quote call us toll free at 877-683-3001 with your year, make, model, plus any modifications of the brake / suspension system, along with your choice of size, style and finish.