Forgeline ZX3R

Our competition wheel, the ZX3R, uses titanium bolts and military-spec lightweight jet-nuts to reduce weight in the most critical point - the perimeter of the wheel. The forged wheel center also has unnecessary aluminum removed to reduce the weight as much as possible without sacrificing strength. And to optimize further, the rim material is lighter and stronger with the use of 6061-T6 aluminum.

ZX3R 18" Silver Polished Lip


ZX3R Matte Black with Victory Red Rims


ZX3R 19" All Matte Black


ZX3R Matte Black with Polish Outer


ZX3R Gunmetal with Blue Lip


ZX3R Silver with Optional Cap


ZX3R Optional Cap-Black Emblem


ZX3R Optional Cap-Brushed Emblem


ZX3R Centerlock Gunmetal Center with Transparent Red Outer


ZX3R Matte Black Center with Transparent Blue Outer and Optional Cap



 ZX3R Matte Black with Titanium Powder Coated Outer



 ZX3R Snakeskin Green Center



 ZX3R All Titanium Powder Coat



 ZX3R All Silver



 ZX3R Ball Polished Center with Polished Lip



The ZX3R is a 10 spoke evolutionary design.  Each spoke is tapered 10 degrees and extra machining is used to reduce weight even further than the original SX3R design.  Each wheel is built with true forged 6061 T6 centers, 6061 T6 spun rim halves, stainless steel fasteners (titanium fasteners and jet nuts are optional), and feature a powder coated silver or gunmetal finish with a polished lip.  This design is 3 pounds lighter than the standard 3-piece Forgeline wheels.  The ZX3R is available in sizes from 17x7.0 to 19x13.  Since each wheel is built to order, Forgeline can offer special features like custom offsets, center locking hubs and a choice of center finishes.  For a price quote call us toll free at 877-683-3001 with your year, make, model, plus any modifications of the brake / suspension system, along with your choice of size, style and finish.