Forgeline Hidden Bolt Option

VR3P with Hidden Bolts


ZX3P Brushed Center with Hidden Bolts


ZX3P with Hidden Bolts


DE3P Brushed Center-Chrome Outer with Hidden Bolts


MD3P with Hidden Bolts and Optional Porsche Cap


SO3P Matte Black Center-Transparent Black Outer with Hidden Bolts


SP3S Brushed Center-Polished Lip with Hidden Bolts and Optional Porsche Cap



Forgeline continues to expand their options with its new Hidden Bolt option.  This option features hidden or "blind" bolts which give the wheel a more understated contemporary look.  Most of Forgeline's current Premier Series wheels are available in this new look, including the SP3P, SO3P, SS3P, ST3P, VR3P, ZX3P, DE3P, TA3 and 19" and 20" MD3P.  As well as 19" and 20" Performance Series wheels SP3S, SO3S, SS3S, ST3S, VR3S, ZX3S and 20" DE3S and MD3S.  The centers are drilled and tapped to the most stringent specifications and then Heli-Coiled to ensure strength and durability.  The center is then mated with the rim shells with stainless fasteners from the backside and then hand torqued to exacting specifications.

Currently only available on SP3P, SO3P, SS3P, ST3P, VR3P, ZX3P and TA3.

For a price quote on wheels and options, call us toll free at 877-683-3001 with your vehicle year, make, model, plus any modifications of the brake / suspension system, along with your choice of size, style and finish.